Misunderstanding Autistics

I can only speak for myself. I want to tell the world what a crock of shit it is the say that all autistics are incapable of feeling or showing empathy. Who the frick said that? Could I please explain how I see things sometimes?

I see someone crying. It isn’t that I don’t care. It’s that I don’t know what to do. I visually go through my index of zillion responses to try to find the most suitable one. This causes great anxiety and often I don’t respond in appropriately. There is no flow. A superficial pat on the back? An overused “Are you okay?” or “Oh, don’t cry. It’s okay.”   No. Just no. I’m tired of people thinking that no/lack of response =no empathy. It often means quite the opposite. Sometimes things are just so excruciatingly intense that I can’t do anything. I’m so sad and understanding of things if I can refer to or relate to something that I know and experienced-then I feel I understand. A lot I don’t understand why things would make you or another person upset but it doesn’t mean I don’t care you are going through that.

Sometimes it’s like watching a foreign movie. I can see the movie. I can hear it. I can see things are happening, and I often follow along visually but the content is missing…kinda like not getting the “whole picture…”

I think if I get organized enough (haha) I want to do a response to all the stereotypes and misinformation out there about people on the spectrum. NTs (neurotypical) people sure can be arrogant and assume people with ASD are “stupid” or “lower” than them…it really angers me.


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