thousands of invaders

inability to control

vulnerability leads to


sounds zap in from all directions

words float across from you mixing up my clear space; confusion

my insides shutter and leap from unexpected sensations

can’t you see the colours of the touch, or overlapping sounds darting in

the panic, alike to an animal realizing it’s another animal’s prey

squirrelling beneath this skin

fuzzy, scratchy, burning irritation

I reiterate personal space

letters and numbers, a faint gray and sometimes edges of black

float round again making up an abstract design: this equals another picture in my mind

below the sea’s surface

deep dark way down

I glance up and see a glimmer of white, waves of motion, ripples

I am lost below

I can hear the muffled words trying to reach me, confusion sets in.

Anger, and reaction. Disconnect. Told appear “cold”

below that ocean, warmth.

Unable to break free, and rise out to the top.

Moments of forceful words escape, biased. My one side

Not understanding yours.

Eloquently said, it is not. I do not believe words come in colours

Feelings, in pictures-unable to describe.

Forceful outside, top of the sea. I rest below.

Focused around the items of interest down here.

Hope for a new ability to connect, but often fail.


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